Win some artwork and a sneak peak at awards!

You may not know this, but one of the biggest challenges we face at Garden Center Services is helping those we serve to find jobs. I don’t even have powerful enough words to express to you briefly here, how life-changing it is when one of the people we serve is provided with a job. Having a sense of productivity, responsibility, and the opportunity to learn and grow can create a nearly immeasurable increase in a person’s quality of life!

Janet at work
As you may have seen on our Twitter feed or Facebook page, Janet is filling in this week while our receptionist is on vacation. She couldn’t be happier!

There are very few resources, and even less funding for job training, placement, and supported employment for adults with developmental disabilities. However, it is the expectation of society, the government, and in fact those we serve, that work is available. Although it often looks like we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, we at GCs have whole-heartedly embraced this challenge. One example of success in our mission is the Garden Gallery and Studio in Tinley Park. Here, a dozen adults with developmental/intellectual disabilities are not just “clients” or “consumers” of services. They are ARTISTS. They are artists who go to work everyday at a functioning studio.

Finding jobs in the community, meaningful work within GCS, opportunities in entrepreneurship, and vocational training are just one branch of services that the Super Sunny 5k is supporting.

To share the joy and sense of purpose the Garden Gallery and Studio brings to many lives, everyone who registers for the Paul's paintingSuper Sunny 5k by 7pm tomorrow (Thursday April 30th) will be entered into a drawing Paul workingto win this framed print of original artwork by Paul!


 We have more people interested in working as craftsmen and artists than we have space at the studio, and so several people receiving services from GCS are hard at work creating one-of-a-kind, entirely handmade awards for the Super Sunny 5k. I peaked in today on how that was going and here is my favorite work-in-progress!

Award 1 2015
I think the prospect of winning this to hang on my wall at home might make me run a lot faster!

For more information about race day – check out our FAQ page. Or email me:

Your in service,




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