Never run or walked a 5k before, or struggling with your motivation to exercise? Here’s a tip.

Next Saturday (3/14/2015), marks 12 weeks to go until race day!

Two of the men we serve, having a blast cheering for finishers at the 2014 Super Sunny 5k
Two of the men we serve, getting ready to cheer for finishers at the 2014 Super Sunny 5k

If you’ve started to slide on your New Year’s health and fitness resolutions, or are starting to think about warmer weather and shedding some layers of clothing (woohoo!), or simply want to take up running or walking this year, IMG_9714getting a race on your calendar is a great way to get you motivated and out the door!

IMG_9714The small financial investment of registering early improves your changes of successfully following through on your training (because most of us really hate to feel like we’ve wasted money!). You might find your commitment to the cause you’re supporting by running a race that benefits a non-profit to be inspiring (ahem’ the Super Sunny 5k!), and the network of other people with a similar goal can be a priceless source of support and encouragement.


Here are a few articles from around the web that talk about this common motivational tool along with some other helpful motivational tips:

Once you’ve made the commitment, your next step is to plan your training. There are tons of great, and often free, sources on the internet for training plans. For most people, a structured plan, rather than simply walking or running more and more each day, helps them stay motivated, on track, and accountable. A training plan also provides you with concrete ways to track and measure your progress, and seeing progress is often a reward in itself!

Here are a few popular plans and programs to get your search started:

  • The Couch to 5k Running Program – wildly popular and is responsible for getting lots of non-runners hooked on running, developed by some folks at, also has a popular mobile app
  • 5k Beginner Training Plan – from Runner’s World, this plan is 12 weeks and designed for the “non-runner” it sets you up to flow right into more advanced plans as you complete your first 5k
  • 5k Novice training Plan (8wks) – from Hal Higdon, who is perhaps considered the King of taking non – or leisurely walkers and runners and turning them into quite impressive marathonersFullSizeRender

So, register today! If you need another incentive to make the commitment of registering less intimidating, we still have a couple dozen Koozies to give to early registrants. I know one of my effective rewards after a long run, or a hard training week is a nice cold beer, cider, or pop!

For more motivational tips, and to stay up to date on our event developments, follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook!

Happy Training,



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